Handling Precautions

Regarding the durability of wooden rings "WOOD RING"

Due to the nature of the materials used to make this piece, certain environmental factors may lead to a
drop in quality.
Please check the following list to ensure that your piece lasts for many years to come.
1) Avoid bringing your ring into environments where it will be exposed to excessive heat,
or ultra-violet rays for long periods of time. For example:
-Near heated ovens -Wearing in saunas
-Leaving near windows for long periods of time -Wearing in tanning beds
-Leaving in the car for long periods of time -Wearing at the beach on intensely sunny days
2 Avoid wearing your ring when there is a possibility that it will be rubbing against hard objects.
For example:
-When washing the dishes
-When doing manual labor that may involve hard objects coming in contact with your ring
3) Keep your ring away from alcohol, oil, organic solvents, and chemicals.
In addition, it is known that it is altered by detergents with orange oil. For example:
-Benzene paint thinners -Detergents and bleach
-Nail polish and nail polish remover
4) Avoid wearing your ring when it will come in contact with liquids containing
substances with unknown ingredients for long periods of time. For example:
-In the bath or hot springs -In the ocean -In pools

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